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What is the difference between traditional funding and earned income?

It is unrestricted renewable income that enhances your mission. Earned income is money generated through product sales, payment for services, or other business opportunities that is yours to use as your organization sees fit.

Traditional funding includes grants, special events, donations, sponsorships, underwriting, etc. You work hard to get the money, you use it up and then you have to go back to get more. Inevitably there are strings attached to this money. It is restricted in some way.

What is required to become a successful social entrepreneur?

Successful entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations embrace the big picture. They think and act strategically. They build a plan. They educate themselves about market trends, customer buying cycles, consumer benefits and they know their competition.

Successful social entrepreneurs "Get Up and Get Out" to test their assumptions. Most important of all, successful social entrepreneurs invest resources to grow and enhance their mission.

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When you are ready to start your journey to social enterprise or ready to benchmark your best practices, there are several funding options you might explore.

Key corporate, foundation or other funders in a community or region work together to sponsor agencies, pooling their investments and enabling multiple agencies. Our consultant/trainers can help with a presentation or informational webinar for funders.

A local nonprofit organization (such as a Center for Nonprofit Excellence, United Way, Community Foundation) hosts training. The hosting organization may recruit other funders or serve as sole funder. The hosting organization manages delivery of the training and can add an administrative overhead to program costs as earned income for the hosting organization.

A single funding organization sponsors training for its member agencies (or other group of agencies selected by the funder).

A single agency or group of agencies recruits its/their own funding for training through grants, agency budgets or donor contributions.

A national or regional headquarters for member agencies sponsors training for all or selected member agencies in a region or community.

Cost and Available Funding

It only costs $12,000 per agency plus trainer expenses for the entire Expedition program, regardless of the size of your team. This includes training and on demand consultation for up to one year during the training.

That's only $1,000 per month to build your organizational capacity and get control of your income!

Many funders would much rather invest in this training rather than sponsoring another special event. We can provide you with helpful information to present to potential funders.

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