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Stephanie Sample

Stephanie Sample



  • directors and I were talking about your Social Venture training and how positive it was for us as a management team.

    Alan Jones
    Adirondack Community Action Programs, Inc.

  • This was one of the best trainings I have attended and I have been to many over the past 26 years with the agency. The training was great due to the materials provided, the feedback and support received from the trainers during the training. I highly recommend this training!

    Joan Tarantino
    Washington County EOC, Inc.

  • We believe in that class, it was like a sermon! It gave you a new way of thinking. How can we sustain our program? In social service there is the old way of doing things: we depend on the grant, we depend on the state and federal funds. Now it is: Okay, you can self sustain, you can depend on you.

    Harriett Scott
    Positive Spin

  • Wow! My head us still reeling! 2 days, 2 groups, 1,000 ideas... Really good. Really, really good! You light the fire of imagination. You breathe energy into possibility. You give legs to hope. You dispel unrealities, break down walls, and force honest, calculated assessment. Thank you!

    Kim Phillips

  • Free has turned to fee. . . . Given this funding environment . . . we have taken some major hits but we are growing our programs, we are not shrinking and we are not laying off people. Our Transcare program is now a mature business and it is really pumping out some money. If we hadn't done that we would be in a heap of hurt.

    Donna Todd
    The Crisis Center

  • I was thinking before our last Social Enterprise session ended - What a great exercise in group-think this has been. Definitely worth the on-site, team training experience as opposed to individual learning.

    Joyce Fleck
    Tri-Cap Community Action

What is Social Enterprise?

  • Unrestricted, renewable income.
  • Built on your organization's assets.
  • Earn revenue you control.
  • Supports and sustains your mission.

How It Works

  • You appoint a team of staff and board members.
  • Your trainer / consultant guides the 6-9 month process.
  • You follow the step-by-step guide.
  • You create a business plan for earned income.


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