is a tax designation,
a business plan!

How prepared is your organization to endure changes in the funding marketplace? Have you created a plan to diversify your revenue? Is your nonprofit organization working strategically toward financial sustainability?

If not, it may be time to invest in earned income training instead of relying on traditional funding sources.

Nobody is requiring you
to lose money.

The experienced professional trainers and consultants at Social Enterprise Ventures, LLC can guide your organization to sustainability.

That's what EXPEDITION™ is all about - earned income!

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The Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise:
Show Me the (Unrestricted) Money!

Your How-to Guide to Starting a Nonprofit Social Enterprise.
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This hands-on manual is filled with step-by-step worksheets and easy-to-follow directions in plain language that you'll understand.

You'll learn:

• Why you should consider social enterprise to reduce your reliance on traditional funding sources.
• The dos and don'ts: avoiding pitfalls.
• How to set up your social enterprise.
• More than 35 worksheets to guide your progress
• Detailed instructions to guide your social enterprise team from idea to business plan including:
Setting mission and dollar goals, Understanding internal and external forces, Identifying your organizational assets: technical, knowledge, tangible and intangible, Brainstorming potential enterprises, Objective decision-making tools, Market research and feasibility studies, Knowing your potential customers, Defining your competitive advantage, Developing a sales plan based on customer research, Understanding all costs and how to manage them, Identifying potential financing sources, Developing your business plan.

Also Included
• Simple business plan template.
• Examples from agencies like yours.
• Case studies.
• Resources and references

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